Tamarin is a village on the western coast of Mauritius next to Black River. It has been the seat of the council district of Black River for a long time.  In the last few years Tamarin Island earlier called as fisherman village has showed continuous growth and development. As there is no reef to protect the bay at Tamarin, the sea is rougher here than at the other beaches on Mauritius making it very popular among the surfers. The village is surrounded by hills and the scenery around is very good to click some nice photographs. Tamarin is also known for being an important salt processing centre, with huge salt pans to the south side of the village.

Places of interest

There is a coral reef towards south of the beaches off Tamarin Bay which creates some great surfing possibilities along the southwest shore. Most of the year, surfing is accessible but the best time is from May to September.

Another fun activity to try in addition to kayaking and kite surfing is snorkeling in the clear blue water in the lagoons. There are many diving spots around Tamarin.

Tamarin bay is famous for the regular visit of large groups of dolphins as Tamarin Bay has become a natural habitat for some of the wild dolphins. They can often be seen in the morning and in the late afternoons. You can enjoy a Full day catamaran cruise to see lot of Dolphins in groups. You can also visit the famous Crystal rock which stands out in the middle of the lagoon. If you enjoy mountains then at Tamarin you can enjoy spectacular view of the Rempart Mountain, the Black River mountain range, and of the magnificent Le Morne Mountain.

Tamrin falls are also one of the most beautiful places to visit. These falls are difficult to reach, but it’s worth the effort for a beautiful series of seven falls.

Nature lovers can spend the entire day at the Casela Bird Park – Nature Reserve near Tamarin, Black River which is just 5 KM from Tamarin. It is a park of 14.000 hectares, home of about 1,500 birds and many wild animals like Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Giant Tortise, Zebra and many more. You can also see remnants of an ancient volcano.


Tamarin provides a range of  good guesthouses and private villas on the mountain and beach. You will find few small budget hotels too such as Tamarin Hotel.

Cosa Nostra is a restaurant on the main road where you get some delicious pizzas with a  great garden at the back to enjoy the pizza.

Tamarin offers less crowded beaches and nice water-related activities. You can calmly relax on the beach and enjoy the nature. It is really a great place for relaxing, living and enjoying.

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