La Gaulette is a small fishing village which is only 3 km away from Le Morne. The village is situated on the coastal road linking Black River and Le Morne Peninsula, opposite to the little Island of “Ile aux Benitiers”.

Places of interest

People come to La Gaulette to visit the famous seven colored earth of Chamarel in the hills which is 9 Km towards the east of La Gaulette. The various colors of the earth are the result of uneven cooling of molten rocks making it a spectacular muti-colored view. About 3 km from the entrance gate of the earth there is a beautiful waterfall which falls from the height of more than 100m in a single drop. From Chamerel you can even trek on to Plaine champagne in the Black River Gorges National Park.

Another attraction is the nearby islet “Ile aux Benitiers” which is situated about 500 meters off the coast of La Gaulette. It is a large coral sand island approximately 2 Km long and 500 meters at its widest point and 65 hectares in area. On the north side of the island there is a small home of migrated sea birds. The island does not allow water sports, but you can relax there and enjoy nature.

La Gaulette is a popular spot for kitesurf, windsurf, diving, and fishing.

Le morne is 10 min away from La Gaulette that offer the best Kite and windsurfing conditions because of the landscape that strongly boosts the prevailing South-East winds in winter and many coral reefs.  The beach is always crowded with water sports lovers, especially on weekends.


Rospen Chawan Guest house is the only accommodation in La Gaulette offering a range of self catering studios and apartments. There is also a wonderful lodge, Lakaz Chamarel Lodge in the countryside around Chamarel. If you are looking for a budget accommodation then Apartment Babboo is also a good choice which is a 3 bedroom apartment providing beautiful ocean view.

There are couples of good restaurants around the area that offer local and Chinese cuisines at a reasonable price like Pointe Pecheur and Sirokan garden.


  1. There are now a variety of acomodations available…..Maison de Papaye, The Rusty Pelican to name a few…….Thanks to include them.

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