Mauritius is a wonderful island with beautiful beaches and pleasant scenery situated in the Indian Ocean, making it an ideal place to settle. If you are planning to immigrate into Mauritius, you just need to know a few things.

If you want to visit for recreational or business purpose or want to settle down in Mauritius or any other country, you first need to fill an immigration document available in the airport or obtainable from the immigration department. The basic information, which you have to submit in the application form for a residence permit includes personal information and other relevant information on your background if required.

If you are the citizen of Mauritius you won’t face any problem to enter the immigration at airport, but for others to clear the Immigration, you need to have a valid passport (for minimum six month) and a visa if you desire to stay more than three months.

A non-Mauritian married to a Mauritian citizen is permissible in the country and can apply for a Mauritius passport at the Immigration & passport office if he/she has been married to a Mauritian citizen longer than five months, and gets clear through the other guidelines as stated in the Mauritian Immigration Act.

As per Mauritius Immigration laws, you will only be granted residence permit if you are able to secure employment in the country and the residence permit is granted according to the validity of the work permit.  The Immigration and passport office of the Mauritius has the right to cancel the immigration or residence permit of any person non-Mauritian without any notice.


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