10 Best Markets In Mauritius

Mauritius, a haven of waterfalls, pristine beaches, and captivating tourist attractions, invites you to embark on a journey of adventure, leisurely strolls, and extravagant shopping sprees. If retail therapy is your idea of bliss, then Mauritius is your ultimate destination, brimming with a plethora of shopping delights.
The act of collecting souvenirs from your travels is truly therapeutic, and Mauritius offers an abundant array of choices. From local rum to Phoenix beer, the options are as diverse as they are tempting. While the Dodo bird may have vanished from existence, the spirit of Mauritius lives on in its people. Immerse yourself in the charm by shopping for dodo-themed shirts, magnets, paintings, keychains, cups, mugs, and even a vibrant Sarong to elevate your beach attire.
Yet, the shopping extravaganza doesn’t end there. Mauritius presents a treasure trove of other enticing items that establish the country as an unparalleled shopping haven.
To facilitate your shopping escapades, we present a comprehensive guide to Mauritius’ most enchanting markets. Are you ready to indulge in a world of shopping and opulence?

10 Best Markets In Mauritius

Here is a list of the best markets which you must explore on your vacation. From adorable souvenirs to clothes, these markets have it all. Take a look!

  1. Port Louis Market, Port Louis
  2. Le Craft Market, Caudan Waterfront
  3. Central Market, Port Louis
  4. Quatre Bornes Market, Plaines Wilhems
  5. Grand Baie Bazaar, Grand Baie
  6. Flacq Market
  7. Craft Market
  8. Floreal Shopping
  9. Mahebourg Market
  10. Curepipe Shopping

1. Port Louis Market, Port Louis

Embarking on our journey, let’s begin with the renowned market that reigns supreme. Nestled in the heart of Port Louis, this market stands as a pinnacle of shopping destinations. Prepare to be enthralled, for it promises an unparalleled shopping experience. From exquisite home decor to personal indulgences, it unveils itself as the quintessential haven for delightful souvenirs in Mauritius.

This marketplace boasts a distinctive fame for its abundance of herbs and exquisite bamboo creations. As one of the capital’s grandest markets, it encompasses a cornucopia of offerings. Immerse yourself in a realm where fresh culinary delights commingle with intricate handicrafts; here, your desires find their perfect match. Amidst this bustling haven, unravel delightful eateries and charming coffee shops that await your exploration.

Renowned for: Enchanting Home Decor Essential Skill: The Art of Bargaining (Proficiency Recommended)

2. Le Craft Market, Caudan Waterfront

Are you an enthusiast of collecting handicraft treasures from every corner you explore? If so, let me introduce you to your haven: Le Craft Market! This extraordinary destination beckons, offering a treasure trove of exquisite cane work and a plethora of other meticulously handcrafted marvels. Prepare to be captivated by awe-inspiring glass creations that grace this haven.

Immerse yourself in a world where local exotic oils mingle with the time-honored traditional herbs of Mauritius. This haven is an ode to the essence of the island’s culture and craftsmanship.

Famed for: Artful Home Decor Crafted from Cane Essential Skill: Masterful Bargaining (Proficiency Required)

3. Central Market, Port Louis

Step into the heart of Port Louis, where the Central Market awaits to offer you an authentic Mauritius shopping escapade. This bustling hub caters to daily groceries and ancient remedies, granting you an unfiltered taste of true island life. Here, polished perfection and high-end boutiques take a backseat, making way for an experience that resonates with the common folk.

What draws you to this vibrant market, you ask? The answer lies in the realm of uniqueness. Discover a treasure trove of exotic homemade oils that stand as an embodiment of exclusivity and allure.

Famed for: Indigenous Homemade Oils and Time-Honored Remedies Essential Skill: Skilled Bargaining (Recommended)

4. Quatre Bornes Market, Plaines Wilhems

Quatre Bornes Market shines as a haven for textile enthusiasts, boasting a vibrant array of colorful garments crafted from premium fabrics. Dive into a realm of sartorial splendor, where hues come alive in intricate patterns. Moreover, this market presents an array of kitchen essentials awaiting your selection. The cherry on top? The affordability that accompanies each product, rendering it an irresistible shopping destination.

A weekly spectacle, this market graces every Sunday and Thursday, delivering a dynamic shopping experience. For those in search of the pinnacle of shopping in Mauritius, this destination awaits, ready to fulfill your desires.

Renowned for: Affordable and Vibrant Textile Finds Essential Skill: Artful Bargaining (Recommended)

5. Grand Baie Bazaar, Grand Baie

Among the renowned destinations on the tourist map of Mauritius, Grand Baie emerges as a vibrant hub for street shopping. A magnet for spontaneous shoppers, this locale holds a prime spot as one of the top attractions in northern Mauritius. Embark on a journey to acquire mementos of your trip, as this market stands as a testament to its fame.

Distinguished for its array of trinkets and skateboards, Grand Baie resides at the heart of Mauritius, beckoning avid shoppers to revel in its offering. A sanctuary for shopaholics, it invites you to peruse handicraft treasures and embrace the allure of quirky souvenirs.

Renowned for: Captivating Souvenirs Essential Skill: Astute Bargaining (Recommended)

6. The Flacq Market

Unveiling the grandeur of the island, the Flacq Market reigns as the largest open-air market, inviting you to embark on a shopping odyssey amidst a kaleidoscope of hues. The streets come alive, adorned with sweet stalls and an abundance of tropical fruits that tantalize the senses. Within this lively tapestry, you’ll uncover an array of treasures including roomy t-shirts, indigenous teas, charming hats, and delightful dresses.

Celebrated for: Distinctive Teas and Apparel Essential Skill: Skillful Bargaining (Recommended)

7. The Mahebourg Market

Gracefully situated along the southeastern shores of the island, this market finds its abode within a vibrant fishing village. Named after the illustrious French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais, it stands as a testament to history’s resonance. Located in close proximity to the azure sea, this charming marketplace beckons with its proximity to the water’s edge.

Distinguished as the epitome of affordability, it extends an array of remarkable deals, rendering the art of bargaining a seamless endeavor. Delight in an exquisite array of spices and hearty snacks, immersing yourself in a day of exploration within this quaint and endearing market.

Renowned for: Aromatic Spices and Savory Snacks Essential Skill: Adept Bargaining (Moderate)

8. Curepipe Shopping

Situated within the Plaines Wilhems district, the city of Curepipe emerges as a notable urban center, second in stature only to Port Louis. This city holds considerable significance, both in size and impact. A haven for enthusiastic shoppers, it stands as a sought-after destination for retail therapy, rivaling as one of Mauritius’ cherished markets. Here, the treasure trove awaits with duty-free emporiums, contemporary clothing boutiques, and a touch of Indian attire.

Renowned for: Contemporary Fashion Essential Skill: Adept Bargaining (Recommended)

9. The Craft Market

Nestled a mere stone’s throw from the Port-Louis Central Market, and gracing the port’s expanse, the Craft Market awaits. Step inside, and a delicate scent of mahogany candles welcomes you, guiding your senses toward the enchanting embrace of this market. The inviting ambience invites exploration among the splendid shops and captivating artistry within.

Discover an array of exquisite wooden carvings, delicate glassware, charming gift boxes, and a plethora of concealed wonders within this market’s realm.

Famed for: Delicate Glassware Essential Skill: Skilled Bargaining (Recommended)

10. Floreal Shopping

Situated within the Plaines Wilhems district, this locale presents a captivating array of local handicrafts and paintings, all at prices that won’t strain your wallet. Embrace the opportunity to acquire craft pieces, paintings, and designer garments from charming boutique establishments, and explore an expansive assortment of products straight from the hands of manufacturers.

Distinguished for: Handicrafts, Paintings, Designer Attire Essential Skill: Adept Bargaining (Recommended)


Uncover the heart and soul of Mauritius through its vibrant markets. From the charming Port Louis Market to the exquisite Craft Market, each destination offers a unique shopping experience. Explore these captivating markets and immerse yourself in the culture and crafts of the island. For a comprehensive journey through the best of Mauritius, join us at MauritiusTourTravels.com. Discover hidden gems, delightful restaurants, stunning beaches, and more with our expert guides. Let us make your Mauritius adventure truly unforgettable!

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