Shopping experiences in Mauritius are absolutely amazing. You can shop here in the relaxed atmosphere of shopping centers, save in duty free shopping, buy specialized arts and crafts, and bargain with hawkers on the beach and on the streets and markets. The best place to buy souvenirs and ship models in Mauritius is the Craft Market at Port Louis along Caudan Waterfront. It is built like a big court with 2 floors where you can get lots of local handicrafts and souvenirs. Most craft products available in Mauritius are hand-made products as this is the major source of money for many people. This market doesn’t have the crowd and hassles of the central market and thus, is pleasing to shop and look around.

Art and Craft

You will get a very different shopping experience when visiting Port Louis Craft market. This shopping complex consist of 36 stalls full of vast variety of local made products, textiles, Mauritian spices, fruits and many souvenirs for very cheap prices. The products are made of corals or vacant sea shells found on the beaches. You will be amazed to see baskets and souvenirs of the dried Vacoas plants and jewellery cases made of wood or bamboo. You can also get a wide variety of hand embroidered clothes. Everything that the island provides is molded into beautiful items by the local people.

Take a complete tour of the Le Craft market and you will witness colorful beach pareos, embroidered clothes, recycled glass objects, semi precious stones, and other creative range of handicrafts and cultural traditional item of Mauritius.

Moreover, some shops sell beautiful Indian clothes like saris at very reasonable prices. Here also bargaining is strongly advised before any purchase is made.


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