Grand Riviere Noire - Mauritius


Grande Riviere Noire, a quite little fishing village is located on the western coast of the island in the Black River district. A gorgeous blue lagoon, directly at the mouth of the estuary reaches the depth of the sea at 700 m making an ideal environment for nesting several bait-fish. These fish, in turn, attract bigger fish like sharks, tuna and marlin thus, making this a favorite spot for big-game fishing.

Places of interest

Grande Rivière Noire is a major centre for big-game fishing and to a lesser extent diving and surfing.  You may choose between the blue or black marlin, sharks, the yellow tuna, the bonito, the baskin shark, the ‘becune’, the barracuda, etc from November to April and quite often until May.

Big game fishing competitions are organized from October to March. In these competitions about 600 marlines are usually boated and weighed.

If you love Yellow Tuna fish you have to visit island in between March to May as this is the yellow-fin Tuna season.

You will find many modern fishing boats which are well equipped and designed for sport fishing and will take you at full speed over the coral reefs at 3 nautical miles from the shore.

Grand Rivière Noire is also a starting point for cruises, marine excursions, and dolphin excursions.

You can also visit the Museum on your way from Tamarin to Grande Riviere Noire at La Preneuse. Museum boasts the biggest private collection of shells in the Indian Ocean.

Bird lovers can visit Rivière Noire National Park to watch many species of Mauritian birds such as the kestrel, the Mauritian budgerigar, the red pigeon and the cuckoo-shrike (Coracina typica).

Accommodation and Dining

There are many hotels in Grand Riviere Noire to stay like Hotel Island Sports Club, Seama Beach Hotel and few others.

You also have an option of self catering bungalows, beach villas and guesthouses which are perfect to spend your holiday together with family and friends.

Niu Restaurant is an Asian Fusion Restaurant, where you can get delicious menus from all over China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and of course Japan all at reasonable prices.

Do pay a visit to this idyllic little place and take back some great memories.


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