Mauritius Port Louis

Port Louis is the commercial hub and a popular tourist town of Mauritius. Surrounded by mountains of Le Pouce and Pieter, and the spread of the Indian ocean, Port Louis makes for an amazing view and a wonderful experience.

Despite being the capital and commercial hub of Mauritius, you will not find majority of the professional working classes living there. Due to its low-lying position, and the spread of diseases in the 18th and 19th century, it is not a popular habitat among the locales or even foreign nationals who come to work there. Most of them live in the Central Plateau towns of Quatre Bornes, Rose Hill, Moka and Vacoas.

Still Port Louis has a lot of offer. Caudan Waterfront is the main attraction, with beachfront hotels, lots of eating joints of different cuisines and a casino. The city is mostly crowded with street vendors and shoppers. There is also a very big Chinatown, some museums and the colonial architecture, making Port Louis not to miss destination on your trip.

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