Maharashtra trek in Monsoon

Our journey takes us from Mauritius’s enchanting isle to Maharashtra’s awe-inspiring terrains, where the monsoon transforms the Sahyadris into an ethereal playground. Here, the rains take on a magical persona, inviting us to revel in their splendor to the fullest. Join us on this exhilarating escapade as we explore the artistry of the monsoon across these diverse landscapes, forging memories that will linger long after the last raindrop falls.

There is 1 way to get from Mauritius to Mumbai, Maharashtra  by plane

Flights from Mauritius (MRU) to Mumbai (BOM) span approximately 7 hours and 51 minutes, covering a distance of roughly 4696 km. The journey incorporates an average layover period of about 35 minutes. Leading airlines like Vistara, Air Mauritius, and Air India Limited manage these services. While a standard week sees around 12 weekly flights, it’s advisable to verify schedules ahead of weekends and holidays due to potential variations.

Here we are with a List of the best 5 Monsoon treks in Maharashtra

1. Bhimashankar Trek: A Monsoon Favorite Amongst Trekkers

The Bhimashankar trail stands as an enduring favorite, especially during the monsoons, captivating trekkers with its allure. Leading you deep into the heart of the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, this trek offers a serene journey amidst a lush jungle setting. Throughout your venture, an array of avian wonders, langurs, and graceful spotted deer accompany your path. With luck on your side, you might even encounter the elusive ‘shekru,’ the Malabar Giant Squirrel.

For those venturing into trekking for the first time or embarking with a group of relatively inexperienced friends, it’s wise to steer clear of the more demanding Shidi Ghat route. Opting for the Ganesh Ghat route provides a gentler introduction to this captivating trekking experience.

Difficulty: Easy or Moderate depending on the route

Trail Type: Well-defined through fields, forests, rocks, and ladders.

Basecamp: Khandas village. Private autos and jeeps are available at Karjat or Neral railway stations to take you to Khandas.

2. Harischandragad: Scaling the Heights of Adventure in Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar District

Perched atop a hill in the Ahmednagar district, Harishchandragad presents one of the most exhilarating trekking challenges in Maharashtra. For monsoon adventures, we recommend steering clear of the Nalichi Vaat or Taramati Ghal routes. Instead, the Khireshwar route or Pachnai route offers an enjoyable ascent to the summit.

Highlighting the experience are attractions such as the awe-inspiring Kedareshwar Cave, housing a substantial Shivalingam. The hill fort’s centerpiece is the Konkan Kada, an impressive concave cliff towering nearly 1,800 feet. This natural wonder resembles the hood of a cobra, providing an expansive panoramic vista of the neighboring hills. Caution is vital, though, due to the strong winds that can prevail.

With origins tracing back to the sixth century, the Harishchandragad fort holds ancient allure. Throughout the landscape, numerous caves dot the terrain, believed to have been carved out in the eleventh century.

Difficulty: Easy or Moderate or Difficult depending on the route

Trail Type: Well-defined through fields & forests.

Basecamp/Starting point: Khubi Phata after Malshej ghat for the Khireshwar route and Pachnai village for the Pachnai route.

3. Kalsubai Trek: Where Clouds and Summits Converge

Elevated at 5,400 ft, the monsoon trek to Kalsubai immerses you in a literal cloud-walking experience. Despite being the loftiest peak in Maharashtra, the path remains clearly defined and enhanced with strategically placed ladders, simplifying the ascent for trekkers.

As you embark on the Kalsubai trek, clouds envelop your journey, veiling the summit in an ethereal mist. This highest peak becomes a mystery along the trail, enhancing the allure of venturing into the unseen. The anticipation of the unknown heightens the adventure, making this monsoon trek a truly remarkable experience.

Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Type: Well-defined through meadows, and forests, with rock steps in some places and iron ladders in others

Basecamp: Bari village. A private vehicle will have to pick you up and drop you back from Kasara Railway station to Bari.

4. Devkund Waterfall: A Hidden Haven of Mystique

Hidden deep within the encompassing forests of Bhira Dam lies Devkund Waterfall, a secluded haven that remained undiscovered by the masses until recent years. The genesis of the Kudalika River is believed to originate from this ethereal cascade
Plunging majestically from a height of 80 feet, the water descends into a tranquil pond (kund) nestled at its base. Local lore weaves a magical tale of utensils emerging from the pond during moments of auspicious village ceremonies, adding a touch of mystique to this idyllic setting.

Nature’s marvel is further enhanced by the waterfall’s surroundings, inviting explorers to witness the 80-foot drop and engage in its serene embrace. The journey to this captivating locale reveals the heart of untouched beauty, offering an experience of tranquil wonder.

Difficulty: Easy or Moderate depending on the route.

Trail Type: Well-defined through fields, forests, rocks, and ladders.

Basecamp: Bhira Village. Take the bus to Pali from Panvel Railway station and from Pali, hire an auto to Bhira village.

5. A Marvel of Engineering and Nature: Harihar Fort

Nestled within Maharashtra’s Nashik district, Harihar Fort stands at an elevation of 3,676 feet above sea level.

Set against the backdrop of the Yadava dynasty’s triangular prism of rock, the hill fort’s base village view is misleading, as the fort’s construction is built on a unique rectangular shape. The edges of the fort exhibit near-vertical inclines, adding to its distinctive profile.

Central to Harihar Fort’s allure are its iconic stairs, an almost vertical ascent of nearly 80 degrees. A testament to both nature and engineering, these steps lead daring adventurers to the fort’s summit. Here, among the rugged landscape, you’ll find idols of Lord Hanuman, Shiva, and Nandi, accompanied by a tranquil pond.

Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Type: Well defined trail starts from the village and fields. Later, gradually ascends through forest and clearings. The final ascent is through 80-degree steep iconic stairs.
Basecamp: Kotamwadi village


From the enchanting shores of Mauritius to the captivating landscapes of Maharashtra, monsoon treks offer a unique perspective on nature’s beauty. Our journey has taken us through the heart of Bhimashankar’s sanctuary, up the steep paths of Harishchandragad, into the cloud-covered realm of Kalsubai, and to the hidden oasis of Devkund Waterfall. The engineering marvel of Harihar Fort beckons adventurers with its iconic stairs and historical charm.

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