Pristine white sand beaches, peaceful ambience and beautiful landscape, Belle Mare is a private island in Mauritius. Apart from having tranquil beach, Belle Mare also has some good options of luxurious resorts that can make your stay worthwhile.

Belle Mare beach has a lot of water sports activities as well for the sports lovers including kite surfing, scooba diving, stand up paddle boarding. If you are a fan of scooba diving then you can also take up advanced scooba diving course here in Mauritius on this beach.

There is also a water park in Belle Mare call Le Waterpark that has all the fun and thrilling water rides.

Last but not the least, you will get to experience some of the best seafoods that Mauritius has to offer here in Belle Mare, which hosts a lot of amazing restaurants.

Ensure your trip to Mauritius has a day planned for Belle Mare although one day might not be enough to explore the beauty of this place.

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