What attracts the most in Mauritius is it’s fascinating Music & Dance.

The dance form is Sega which is performed by girls clothen in colorful blouses & vacillating skirts.The dance starts with an amiable rhythmic vacillation of the hips that becomes faster along with the music.The dance form is really attractive & glamorous & you just cannot stop yourself , All your emotions of  happiness will be out.

The music form of Mauritius is also known as Sega. The music was originated  in the mid of 18th century & its typically of African type. Bobre, Ravane, Coco & triangle were the instruments that were originally used but now some of the instruments are replaced by the modern instruments like guitar which makes the music very-very enchanting.

The music & dance of Mauritius is something that mostly attracts the tourists. Most of the restaurants, hotels and resorts arrange for Sega nights in the weekends. Sega is also performed on the sea beaches accompanied by a bonfire.

“If you planning for spending a fantastical vaccation ,then there is no better place then Mauritius for sure!!!”

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