If you are looking for Creole Cuisine Restaurant with a peaceful ambience in Mauritius then the best option for you is Café du Vieux Conseil. It is a small café-restaurant located at the end of an alley and a few steps from the theatre of Port Louis. You can enjoy a cold drink or small dish in the shade of hundred-year-old Mango trees. Originally this place was a colonial house and thus, Café du Vieuz Conseil has a unique interior with a veranda and kiosks for a cozy atmosphere. Due to its location in the capital city of Port Louis, Café du Vieux Conseil has become famous among the business class for lunch and tea.

The menu consists of a big selection of chicken, deer, sandwiches, crepes, and octopus curry served on a bed of rice with the traditional “tomato chutney.” The chef’s specialty is the pancakes served with asparagus or thin slices of smoked marlin, and they are simply delicious. Besides the traditional Mauritian cuisine you can also enjoy delicious Indian and Italian cuisine with a glass of wine in this beautifully decorated restaurant.

For the dessert, you may go for the exotic-flavored ice cream or you can try banana flambé.

Restaurant is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Whenever you are in Mauritius and in the mood to enjoy magnificently fresh fish and seafood, good times and great cuisine, be sure to visit Café du Vieux Conseil Restaurant.


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