Since 1998, the Mystic Masala Snack Bar has been a Traditional Indian food landmark for great food in Port Louis. This is the first restaurant to serve dosas in Mauritius. The place is very well situated, open air, in the middle of the harbor front, with view on the sea and town centre. The best part about Mystic Masala is that you can get good food at reasonable rates compared to other expensive Indian restaurants in Port Louis.

Since opening, Mystic Masala has always maintained the quality of its food in terms of taste and variety. You can get both North and South Indian food here.

The menu is huge and you can go for either traditional Indian snacks or whole meal. A variety of dosas are served here which also happens to be the the specialty of the restaurant. For drinks you can go for a glass of fresh fruit juice like mango, pineapple and watermelon or a cup of Tea or Coffee and for snacks you can try Chaats like dahi puri, sevpuri, pani puri, Bhel, samosa, etc. If you want to have a small meal you can try chole Bhatura or Biriyani which are really tasty or you can try famous Thali where you will get small portions of 2 vegetable, Dal, Rice, Roti and some accompaniments  and lots more at Mystic Masala.

As this place is crowded prior reservation would be good.

Opening Hours for restaurant are Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm.

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