Curepipe is a big highland commercial center famous for its pleasant climate, frequent rains and shopping.

How the place was named has two version. According to one theory it is believed that the place was named so in 1867 when there was a malaria epidemic in Mauritius and people from Port Louis would “cure” their pipes of malarial bacteria by smoking them here.  As per second theory it was based on the name of a town in France.

Curepipe is famous for a small volcanic crater and it draws a lot of tourists and locals for a view. Also if you are in the market for some cheap clothes then you can get some good deals here.

The most notable thing about this town is that it is the highest plateau of Mauritius and thus the weather is very pleasant all year round. Even in the fierce heat, you would feel refreshing in Curepipe.

Word of caution, never go to Curepipe without your umbrella as it can rain anytime.

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